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Anna Peters of Chardon is joining Lighten Up for the second time, after taking part in 2013. She said is looking forward to learning more about healthy eating and getting active.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Blog 13 Strength

I am starting to really notice some changes. Today in yoga, I noticed that my movements are getting smoother, I am starting to have flow from one position to another. I feel that all of this exercise and eating better(not 100% yet) is having a positive impact. Yippie! 
 I still every muscle after a really hard work out and I still find myself abit out of breath climbing the stairs from the basement of my office building to my third floor office (which by  the way, I make myself find reasons to deliver  papers to offices instead of faxing). However, this inner strength, both mental and physical have brought a spring to my step and I am proud of my achievemetns so far.


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