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Anna Peters of Chardon is joining Lighten Up for the second time, after taking part in 2013. She said is looking forward to learning more about healthy eating and getting active.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Blog12 yoga 6am

Yoga was so hard today. I have been doing yoga since September and I think the teacher has decided not to take it easy so we were dripping by 6:30 am . I am happy that I enjoy my yoga class, I have decided to only go two times a week, the Monday class is the same time as my spin class. Tonight it was so tempting not to go to the y. All I wanted to do was open a bottle of wine, light a fire and watch some tv, but I knew if I did that I would feel bad later on, so I made dinner for the kids, started a load of laundry changed into workout gear and went. Once I was on the eliptical I was fine and felt good that I oushed myself to go. I did come home and cheat a bit with a check, but not too bad, a large glass of water with lemon. Boot camp tomorrow. A personal goal is not to eat without thinking, walking in the kitchen and not grabbing just one or two nuts, or tasting dinner while cooking , planned snacking yes ! Mindless grazing no!


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