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Anna Peters of Chardon is joining Lighten Up for the second time, after taking part in 2013. She said is looking forward to learning more about healthy eating and getting active.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Blog 31. Venting -grrrr

This is my venting (or whining)blog
I am sitting here at my son's baseball
Game and I am observing what is around me. I see people snacking on bags if chips, handfuls of m & m's gallons of soda - and yet they are Thin!
-well at least thinner than I am.
How is this fair I wonder to myself ?
I work out most days -1-2 hours.
I get up early to prepare my food - cut up veggies and fruit, weigh out portions of protein.
I calculate how many of ounces of water to drink -
I have think about every nibble and then count it into my daily allowed intake - (before I even think about it hitting my lips ).
I would say I struggle with these
Things I do, but I don't struggle with I just do them- but there are times when I
Think about those who don't have to struggle with weight issues - I get aggravated, envious I guess .
This past month has been hard - my scale reflects that - I think that there might be some muscle gain but in reality the parties and the lack of discipline in the evening has slowed me down and now I feel bad that I did not have the self control . June will be a much better place for me.
with that said,back to the venting - skinny people munching on unhealthy snacks really bother me - but on the other hand - in the end I eat healthier than they do :)

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