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Anna Peters of Chardon is joining Lighten Up for the second time, after taking part in 2013. She said is looking forward to learning more about healthy eating and getting active.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Blog 35. Choices

As the end of this ljourney is coming closer and closer to the end I am realizing how many choices I am making naturally now.
I find that makes me happy. I put grape tomatoes in my lunch instead of fat free chips. Water is a constant - exercise is a pleasure - yoga calming, walking is exploring new territory . The scale is not dropping as fast as I would have hoped but the learning and living is better than any weight loss. I had my cholesterol check in January - I had it rechecked this week - my number dropped by 40 - how's that for number drop! I am not sure how the red scale will treat me this month - but my life improves every month.

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